CATTOLICA – the Adriatic Queen

Known as “Regina dell’Adriatico” (Queen of Adriatic), Cattolica is a beautiful tourist resort on the Adriatic Riviera, in the Emilia Romagna region, bordering the Marche region.

It is located 18 Km. from Rimini, and has become an ideal city for family holidays and more, with adults and kids, as the offer is very varied.

Those who choose a beach holiday in Cattolica find very well equipped beaches, sandy, which gently degrade in a clean and safe sea. An ideal situation to enjoy maximum tranquility.

There are many sports to practice in Cattolica: in the water, on the beach, at the Nautical Club, on the golf courses (one in San Giovanni in Marignano and one in Vallugola), in horse-riding centers, on foot, by bike or motorbike between sea and hills, in fitness centers.

There are also many events dedicated to music, sportchildren and family.

Those who love walking, from the Hotel Moderno Majestic can get to the Port of Cattolica along the wooden walk, proceeding along the seafront, up to the 3 docks with typical fishing boats, yachts, the Ferris wheel, many activities that animate the area, where you can taste taste delicious food and drinks and participate in live summer evenings.

The romantic walk on the new dock is very suggestive, up to the lighthouse, from sunrise to sunset and further, frequented and loved by tourists and residents, also for sports, see the entire beach of Cattolica, be on the sea and see the promontory of Gabicce Monte.

Going out from the Hotel Moderno Majestic in Cattolica, along via Carducci and via Dante, you will find many shops, bazaars, bars, restaurants, pizzerias, ice-cream shops, until you reach the center, via Fiume, via Curiel, viale Bovio , with cocktail bars, cafes, designer shops, refined boutiques and varied music in Piazza Primo Maggio with the shows of dancing fountains and fountains in gardens that appeals to everyone.

There are various events: typical, innovative, gastronomic and spectacular, since Spring season, with the Notte Rosa at the beginning of the month of July, during which there are performances of all kinds on the coast.

Very suggestive is the Magic Night of the Clams, with the fishing boats that spray high columns of water of many colors, at the port of Cattolica, while tastings of the typical product of the Adriatic Sea are distributed.

The “Teatro della Regina” (Queen’s Theater), the “Arena della Regina” (Queen’s Arena), the “Cinema Teatro Snaporaz”, are the main structures where concerts and shows take place in Cattolica, but also many other locations in the city, which are Piazza Mercato in front of the covered market, Piazza Roosevelt in front the City Hall, Piazza del Tramonto at the port, which have become very important for the development of various kinds of initiatives.

Also suggestive is the historic center of Cattolica, with the Museo della Regina (Queen’s Museum), the Rocca Malatestiana (Malatesta Fortress, only visible from the outside), the Church of Sant’Apollinare, the “Galleria Santa Croce” (Santa Croce Gallery), the Roman excavations, the “Mercato Coperto” (covered market) and nice shops, coffee and trendy bar in this area.

For those who are passionate about food and wine, the restaurants of Cattolica, in their various genres and specialties, reveal all the knowledge of tradition and innovative taste.

Those who love cycling can count on routes between coast and hill by bike, the agonists and the more fit can also participate in the beautiful “Granfondo degli Squali” (Granfondo of the Sharks) about halfway through the month of May.

The holiday in Cattolica is ideal for adults, young and children, who will thrill in the beautiful theme parks of the Adriatic coast, starting from the exciting Aquario di Cattolica, close to Hotel Moderno Majestic, which offers an important and appreciable educational entertainment for all age and is connected to 3 other local parks, as they are part of the Costa Edutainment Group.

Before or after edutainment and fun, you can get relaxing, close to the sea or surrounded by Cattolica’s garden with dancing fountains, or follow different cultural itineraries, to discover the villages of the hinterland and the identity of the places (click here to see the section of our site on the territory).